Tuesday, February 28, 2017


A sketch artist is mesmerized by the eyes of a woman, while waiting at the train station. But little does he know that there is a dark secret lurking behind them...

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Inspired by this wonderful song "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon . Tried to write the poem in the same rhythm as the song. (Well almost...)

I wake up in the morning to follow the routine,
Brush my teeth in a slumber, read the world while shitting
Close my eyes to the shower, when some thoughts creep in...
Sometimes I'm sad, but mostly I'm fine.

Hurry up, beat the rush, hit the pedal, change the lane
Curse the traffic, turn the radio up, close the window pane
Keep skipping channels, when a song comes along...
Sometimes I'm sad, but mostly I'm fine.

Make it to the meeting at Nine, tell the world I'm here
Smile at strangers, greet the ones who are near
When the curtain drops it sinks in that nobody's dear!
Sometimes I'm sad, but mostly I'm fine.

Sit the desk, gulp a coffee, grab the lunch, skip the dessert
Sit the desk, hit the gym, eat the salad, skip the dessert
I go about my business as they usually do
Empty room and empty thoughts, are what I come back to
Sometimes I'm sad, but mostly I'm fine.

Run the treadmill, run the marathon, run away from the blues
Hit the club, down the drinks, dance away those blues
But they catchup with you after all, some Sunday afternoon
Sometimes I'm sad, but mostly I'm fine.

They ask me on the Skype, they ask me on the phone
They ask me in the restaurant and they ask me at the store
It's the same fucking question, "How do you do?"
And I want to shout..
Sometimes I'm sad, but mostly I'm fine.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


तू जब चलेगी, तेरे क़दमों की आहट बनूँगा ।
तू जब हसेगी, तेरे हँसी की गूँज बनूँगा ।
तू जब सवरेगी, तेरे चहरे पे तिल बनूँगा ।
तू जब ज़ुल्फ़ें खोलेगी, फ़िज़ा बन कर उनसे खेलूँगा  ।

तेरी हर सास में हवा बन,
तेरी हर आस की दुआ कर,
तेरे हर पल की गवा बन,
तेरे पास ही रहूँगा, तेरे साथ ही जियूँगा, तेरे साथ ही मरूँगा ।