Friday, October 16, 2009


I ask the question "Do you believe in GOD?".
I get the answer "YES", almost unanimously, leave some atheists. 

Then I ask the question "Do you believe in DEVIL?". 
I get the answer "NO", phonily  from every mouth, leave some fart-putters who say devil is their brother from another mother.

Isn't this a contradiction? On the contrary, I have heard more stories of people seeing ghosts or devils than those in which our hero gets a glimpse of god. Doesn't this mirror the paradoxical nature of the modern, scientific human, to accept the 'good' instantaneously and dismiss the 'bad' with equal speed, however rational or irrational may the arguments of both sides may be?

So why is it that even in the 21st century, are we afraid to remove GOD as a scientific impossibility?

The answer lies in the question "Is it necessary to believe in GOD?". 

Think deeply about it. Have you ever wondered, why you haven't robbed a bank, why you haven't committed any theft, why you haven't murdered anyone... why you haven't done all those "wrong" things ( as defined by the society )? Did you ever say "Uparwaala Sab Dekh Raha Hain", when someone did wrong to you or hurt you?

Though, you might turn it down as a typical bollywood cliche, you can't deny the belief you put in that sentence when you say it, when you are utterly disappointed and shattered. What keeps you ticking on, at that time. It is the belief that a higher supernatural power, put shortly the GOD, is there above our heads. What keeps the humans from committing all those immoral acts, I mentioned? It is the fear of that higher invisible power.  

Every civilized society needs the notion of a higher power, which has more authority than all the members of society. Without that there will be no fear among humans, and immorality and crime will prevail through the society, destroying it. Compare the society, with a bunch of criminals, locked in a jail under the observation of the jailor(THE GOD). What will happen if there were no jailor? The same will happen if there were no GOD.

Does that mean there is GOD? No, it doesn't. It only means that it is necessary for us to believe in GOD.
Does that make sense to you?
If no, then think of the times when you converse with yourself, in your bathroom mirror, about what a moron were you, you shouldn't have done that, you should have done that ......

Is there a different person on the other side of the mirror?
No. But does that stop you from your mono-acting? Similarly, think of god as your alter ego, a more powerful one perhaps, whom you obey.

This GOD may be of any form. For the early man it was nature itself, punishing him, nurturing him and keeping him intact with it's ways. Then the GOD turned into a more humane form, representing different components of nature, the sun, the water, the air and so on. As time went by the GOD became more powerful, controlling the whole nature and the civilization. Now the GOD is that invisible power, who keeps contact with few religious heads, through akashvani or dream-tele-conference, and takes occasional incarnations when things get worse.

So now, we have decided that, there is no GOD but believing in GOD leads to a better world. But the water gets over the head, when this belief turns into blind obsession. Since there are so many societies, there are much many GODs. And when these societies meet or clash, things get ugly. Dispute arises over, which god is more powerful. And some people, who think they are Allah ke Bande, sent on the earth to clean up the mess, turn this dispute into a war. One good ( bad in the sense ) example is Talibanism which is the largest threat to the world at present.  

That about sums up my theological views.Enough of asking questions to you guys. 
Now I ask myself the question "Do I believe in GOD?".
Well, I certainly do, before the exams. And I certainly, forget about him as soon as the exams get over.

"Does that mean I am a theist?"
No. Too strong a word, for a guy like me.

"Does that mean I am an atheist?"
No. I would be deceiving myself, if I say that. And moreover, I don't want to fight with Ram Sena guys.

Then what am I?
Wait a minute... there is a perfect word that describes me and as i believe, most of you who are reading this, in the dictionary.

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  1. I dont think "Agnostic" can describe you perfectly. An agnostic is a person who does not know whether GOD exists or not.

    An Agnostic would say he cannot prove and believe that there is no God, at the same time he would say that he also cannot disprove the existence of God.

    I guess the term that perfectly describes you is "Agnostic Theist". Check: