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Pocket mein rocket hain but rocket mein fuel nahin hain. My brother dragged me to this cinema on it's 2nd day, even as I was smelling failure in it. 

Honestly, what would one expect from the hysterical dance movements and face expressions of Ranbir Kapoor, and the trying-hard-to-make-you-laugh promos of the film. A laugh riot. A time-pass comedy, maybe ?

But the film is hardly any of that. You can expect what a disappointment it is when the greatest comedian in the whole film turns out to be the villainous Prem Chopra. I sat through the first half solely because of Ranbir's performance, but in the second half even he gets confused by the story and his character. 

Interestingly enough, despite 'honesty in salesmanship' being the whole motive and story of the film, the film's promos are itself, largely deceptive and far from being honest.

No, It's not a comedy. "PAGE-3" had more jokes in it.

No, Rocket singh does not become the SALESMAN OF THE YEAR at the end of the film. The word is hardly mentioned once or twice in the film.

No. All aspiring salesmen, don't expect to pick up any tricks and  tips of sales from the film. The film is unrealistic to the end and Shimit Amin doesn't know ABC's of sales.

False Publicity and Hypocrisy are serious problems in every form of media in India, moreso in films. These days, films don't rely upon their stories for publicity. The promos are music videos containing actors of the film jumping to the catchy tunes, specially made for the purpose. While all you can make out from them is ghanta, apart from the fact that you can expect the music video at the end or at the beginning, sometimes they are deliberately made to give a false sense of the story of the film as in Rocket Singh's case.

And all a film needs, to rake in the moolah is some kind of controversy concerning it's actors. Negative publicity is the latest and worst form of false publicity. Recently Deepika Padukone were ruled out of a film Mera Jahaan because of her break up with Ranbir. The producer Rattansey was hoping to cash upon the real life romance between the two. 

The actors are made to work as hard to publicize their films as on the sets.
So what if, suddenly Amitabh Bachan becomes a Cricket fanatic and starts giving cricket commentry, what if Amir Khan forgets his way to home and wanders around the country, all is well as long as the film gets it's money back.

Not only films, this hypocrisy is everywhere. All the characters of a serial are killed brutally in one episode, only to be revived back to life in the next episode, with the help of the ability of humans to dream. Rakhi Sawant kissing Mika or Shilpa Shetty crying on Bigg Boss becomes the "Breaking News" for the news channels for at least a week. A damsel in pimples becomes Miss India by using Fair&Lovely for just 15 days. Only if we open our eyes once and look around ourselves, we will realize that we are living in a world where hypocrisy and two-facedness are pervasive and what's worse is we are ourselves integral part of it, directly or indirectly.

But a product really stands out among others, when it stands up to the expectations created by itself. The opinion generated by consumer, when he finds out he got back more than what he was made to hope for, is the ultimate appreciation and publicity tag. All the mirch-masala added as topping is just going to make it more disappointing when one finds the okra( karela )  inside. The sooner the producers realize it the better.

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