Monday, January 25, 2010

Ramkrishnan Ayyar - II

Continued from Ramkrishnan Ayyar - I .Please, read it first.

"This is my fiancee Raj. And Raj, this is Ramki. Raj is a software engineer at Infos.." Shalini stopped abruptly, realizing that she stepped into the danger territory.

It was as if a bomb exploded for Ramki. The explosion engulfed everything around him in smoke. It left his ears numb. He could hear her words, as if she were speaking from faraway. Only when, Raj extended his hand towards Ramki, that he came out of his delirium. Ramki shook the hand and said, in a trembling and disappointed tone,
"Hi, nice to meet you. Excuse me, I need to go to the rest room."

As Shalini expected, he never went into the restroom. Ramki slipped away, leaving his mother behind, in the party. He directly went to his room, and shut the door.

For the first time, he felt ashamed for being unemployed. Though usually, he was unmoved by other peoples comments and opinions about him, but this was different. Why? he didn't know, but the humiliation he received before Shalini from his dad and before her fiancee stung him in the heart.

He shouted and scolded at god.
"Why the f**k am I like this, god?"
His eyes became wet. Ashamed of crying, he hid his face in the pillow.

He was walking on a white platform, that extended everywhere around him, till his eye could reach. He looked up, left , right. There was nothing. The only thing he could see was the white nothingness.

He was running now. Faraway he could see a chair. It was occupied. He ran towards it.

It was his long-dead grandfather, covered in white clothes.
"No, it can't be. I am dreaming. You are dead." shouted Ramki.

"Don't be afraid Ramki. I am not your grandfather. I am God." said the oldman.

"What? You kidding me? Tell me who are you. Why are you acting like my grandpa?"

The old man checked his watch and said ," Oh! I haven't got much time to explain, Ramki. I will tell you, what I want to. The rest you can decide by yourself. I am, indeed the God. I am looking like your grand father because, you, always pictured him whenever you thought of me. Understood."


"Stop. Let me finish. You are indeed, an interesting creature Ramki. You were eh.. I must say, quite rude to me last night. Douchebag huh! I think I could do better than that. But you posed a genuine question, alright. Tell me, how can anyone know what they want to do their whole life, without doing it, at least once?"


"Fancying something from far is one thing, but one can only tell the difference between milk and lime by actually drinking it." The god pictured his latest metaphor and laughed.

"Ha Ha. Forgive me, for my humor. It is not solely your problem. So many people have stepped into careers imagining something, and doing something else all their life. So, I decided to do an experiment and you are, as I can see your brain cells have already deduced, the test-case. Starting next morning, you will be in a different occupation, each day.
Don't worry. You will find that you are provided with required skills, enough to be a master at your job. And obviously, the information about you in everyone's mind will be edited accordingly, so that when you wake up, it would be as if, 'Ramki the con' existed forever", and  again he laughed at his PJ.

"What the hell are y.."

"So, that's it Ramki. Our time is over. Good luck with your new profession."

"But what is it?"

The god smiled and said, " You will find out."

He woke up with a startle. "What the hell was that?" he thought. The phone beside him was ringing.
He lifted it and said, "Who is it?"

"It's an emergency. You have to come to the hospital immediately, Doctor!"