Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am stuck in a blackhole.
I seek a ray of light.
A ray that can lead me
To the sun of delight.

I while away my time as I've nothing else to do,
Till the ray shows up and takes me away from my blues.

What was I thinking,
When I set my foot in,
When I left the last of the stars blinking.

Afraid of the universe was I,
So vast and dreary, So stark and scary
Ever expanding , with it's invisible boundaries,
Never withstanding those, who could not catch up with it.

Deafened by the roar of it's ambitions,
Blinded by the glare of it's achievements,
I ran away, as far as I could,
Till I found the blackhole, and hid under it's hood.

Relieved was I, to be free from the cacophony.
In the black emptiness, I sought solitude and harmony.
Like a face, dipping in water to hide from the burning sun.
No obligation to run along with the outside world,
Nor the need to acknowledge it's existence.

But soon the monotony set in and made me frustrated.
The face in the water got more and more suffocated.
Instinct told me to get out of this quicksand,
To reach for the hue, out of the pervasive blue.
But something kept dragging me back in.

It's a dangerous thing, the leisure.
If not kept within measure,
It polarizes your mind, deceives your reason,
And tricks your will into staying in hibernation.
The more time I kill, the more the gravity pulls me,
Into the depths of despair and the jaws of uncertainity

I am stuck in a blackhole of lethargy,
I seek a ray of light.
A ray that can melt these black clouds,
And bathe me in the rain of delight.


  1. nice..good attempt. is this ur first?
    cos it seems great for a beginner. i lyk the symbol of the face in water. it is a perfect fit to picturise the theme. but dont concentrate too much on getting a set rhyme scheme. this a purely personal opinion but i feel that the more we concentrate on rhyme scheme the more artificial a poem becomes. anyway i liked ur poem. keep writing :)