Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's a brand new India

Context: Current political and social situation in India.

It's a brand new world that we have built for ourselves
Where streets are crowded with still vehicles instead of rebellious men,
air reverberates with honks of horns instead of shouts of men,
minds are confined by will to the cages of daily life instead of bodies confined by force to the cells of daily death.
Where machine has become a man, but alas... man has become a machine....

It's a grand new world that we have built for ourselves
Where emotions are manipulated, instead of trampled on,
honest cries of hunger are replaced with paid shouts of anger,
rage and violence are bought by sickles, while calm and peace are the results of exhaustion (from continued violence).
Where we blindly worship the devil (YS Jagan, You-know-who), while angels (Kejriwal) are scrutinized upon.....

It's a pretty new world that we have built for ourselves
Where justice loses it's meaning over the turns of time,
the rights of the people are packaged and distributed as alms,
political families wage war against each other instead of dynasties.
Where people dance to the tunes of politicians instead of marching to the voice of leaders....

It's a very skew world that we have built for ourselves
Where ignorance leads to content, while knowledge leads to despair,
curiosity leads to punishment, while submission leads to reward,
expression is a sin and freedom is frown upon.
Where half-wit's rule the wits by manipulating dim-wit's.....


  1. Good attempt, but looks like a crude prose-poetic attempt. Words should be more powerful, apt and precise and as brief as possible. For example, there is no need to write "where ignorance leads to .. while knowledge leads to etc." If you say just "Ignorance leads to..., knowledge leads to..." it will be more effective. You read a lot of poetry, and then you yourself will gradually come to understand. Meaning and emotions conveyed should move the heart and make the mind think.