Monday, April 1, 2013


A little bird stands on the fence of a pool,
bobbing it's head in random directions.
It grows restless after a while, perhaps it hasn't found what it was looking for!
It files to another picket on the fence and continues to bob it's head. What is it looking for?

Sometimes it catches the glimpse of a vermin crawling in the grass below.
It quickly flies off the fence, to appease it's hunger.
But then it forgets all about the fence and hunts for hours in the grass and the bushes.
But time and again, it comes back to this fence, and pursues it's strange hobby.
This is the daily routine of our mysterious little bird.

Perhaps it's just my fancy,
Perhaps the bird is just tired of hunting and needed a rest,
Or perhaps the bird was trying to get a 'bird's eye view' of all the insects on the ground.

But I would like to believe that
Perhaps the bird is clueless,
Perhaps the fence is it's place of respite, it's place of reflection.
Perhaps perched on that picket, it bob's it's head in sundry directions to search for the meaning of it's existence.
On not finding it, it grows restless and flies to another picket to get a fresh view of it's life,
Before falling prey to the pursuit of it's carnal pleasures again.

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