Monday, March 2, 2015


Lifeless chairs strewn across the patio,
on a saturday morning when the sun is shining,
yell silently, tales of the night before.

The many chairs in disarray around the long table
some straight, some skewed, 
some upright and some on the ground,
jeer and boo, cheer and laugh.

The two chairs facing each other 
both shyly distant from the table in between,
speak in murmurs exchanging nervous looks.

Another pair of chairs facing each other
both huggingly near to the table in between,
speak in whispers exchanging longing gazes.

Two chairs resting side by side,
are curled up closely together
engulfed in a peaceful silence,
impervious to the noise around.

At a table of four,
two chairs touching legs, talking verbosely in phrases
face two chairs sitting apart, being frugal with words

A single chair sitting in a corner,
facing away from the crowd,
stares blankly into the dark outside. 

Another single chair on the opposite corner,
but facing towards the crowd,
observes genially, the radiance inside.

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