Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Inspired by and in the same tune as, one of my favorite Radiohead songs.
Please watch the video before reading...

In the playful smile
In the twinkle of her eyes
I am born again.

In the weight of her head
Resting on my arm
I am born again

In an adrenaline burst
I set to conquer this world

In the long-drawn sigh
In the rolling of her eyes
I am torn again

In the weight of her words
Pressing on my chest
I am torn again

In a sunday noon gust
My house of cards flew in dust

In the sway of rum
Dancing up and down
I have mourned again

With long blows of smoke
Of all the emotions
I have drained myself

As a blunt knife with rust
I am back to conquer this world

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