Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 I've seen it afloat,
 In the eyes of the kid selling books by the road
 In the face of a mother washing floors with a mope
 In the sprint of a bride, who is about to elope
 In the swing of a daughter, dancing around the pole

 I too hoped for a dope of this hope, but God said nope!
 Son, first you need some problems to cope
 You gotta borrow some sorrow now for a better tomorrow
 Because only when you are chest deep in the quagmire,
 Will you stretch your hand and grope, for the rope of hope!

 But how will I do that God, when I have none to call my own
 Alone I was born, aloof I've grown, with strangers all around
 Love, affection, sympathy - words I've read but feelings I've never known
 No care present in my heart,  nothing to lose, how will I groan
 How can I be more miserable, when I'm already wretched to the bone
 To the devil I've sold, the soil that is my soul, now all that's left is stone!

 There is no reply to my yelp, even god has left me alone...."

Thinking so were two lonely men stifled in their homes
One turns sad. Feeling depressed, he goes out for a breath
Other turns rogue. Feeling angry, he vows vengeance of death

"Fine God! If this is how I am, through no fault of my own
 I shall deprive others of their hope, through no fault of their own!
 Maybe then finally, you will answer my moan"

The angry one walks the streets in the dark of the night with red in his eyes
A woman on the pavement begging for bread, stops him in his step

"There! I see it in your eyes, the same hope that eludes my life!
 What reason have you got to live for, you destitute bitch!
 This dog's life that feeds off the scraps of rich
 Ah now I see! The baby in your lap is your life's sap
 Well, no more!"

He takes out the gun and shoots at the baby!
The wide-eyed mother crouches in reflex and takes the shot instead!!

At the sound of approaching footsteps the angry one runs away
At the sight of the dying mother the sad one comes to a stay

He moves to pick her up in his arms and get some help
But the mother grasps his hand as she gasps for her breath
Glancing frantically with moist eyes, towards the ground,
She breaths her last, with a partly open mouth voicing a silent cry of help

The sad one reaches for the baby, with his hand still held in the viselike grip of the dead mother

"Awake with eyes wandering and wondering,
 She pulls my finger with her tiny hand. Finally I've found hope!"

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